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Media Camp2011


The II International Youth «Media Camp2011» will take place in Petrozavodsk the 7th– 9th of November 2011. This arrangement will draws attention of the young people, the society, mass media and the public authorities to the topic of ecological behavior in the north of Russia and Europe. The event is organized by the International Youth Club “Solveig”, the Friendship Association “KareliaNorway”, Vodlozersky National Park, and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The organizers offer the participants to see the problems and challenges of the 21-th century in a new light, to assess the prospects for the Euro-Arctic Region and to identify the potential of the environmental style of live through the modern forms and methods of presenting information.

The subject’s topicality, a variety of media forms, a hard-driving programme and the high level of the external experts have already drawn attention of young people and professionals from the northern cross-border regions (Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Oblasts, the Republic of Karelia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Central Russia and Europe) to the “Media Camp 2011,” which is held in the framework of the project “The Year of Fridtjof Nansen in Karelia.” Many applications were received from the representatives of natural reserves and protected areas, environmental media, nonprofit organizations, and students.
Within 3 days, the participants will become familiar with innovative Russian and foreign media projects, particularly the work of news agencies (RIA Novosti, ITAR-TASS) and environmental media. The representatives of the Barents region will share their experience in organizing such projects as “EcoCup», «0,1 Megapixel» (Murmansk), The Barents Stories, Barents Passion Week, ExpLODE,  the Barents Youth Film Academy (BYFA), which unite Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The films from Norwegian Youth Festival «NUFF» (Tromsø, Norway) will be shown.


On the 8-th of November, for the first time ever, young people can express their attitude and take part in a global action «One Day on Earth». The discussions about the role of youth in the North, the role of the individual in history, the problem of choice and stereotypes rupture will bring the day to conclusion. On the 9-th of November, a «Nordic Climate Day» will be organized for the participants of the camp. They will become familiar with the issues of environmental protection within the framework of the Information Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers in St. Petersburg, the possibilities of organizing of environmental projects and actions with the support of the international funds of the Nordic countries. The participants will also play the Barents virtual game “I am the Mayor of an Environmentally Pristine City”.


The outcome of the project will not merely gain knowledge and creative communication, but also publications and photo-report on websites and on the media, newspapers, pamphlets, films and project proposals. The participants of the “MediaCamp2011” project will get international certificates. They will have a chance to take part in the second Norwegian-Russian round of the project -“MediaCamp2012” in early 2012.
The First International Youth Camp “MediaCamp” took place in 2009 and won the the Republican Cultural contest in the category “Development and implementation of information products and technologies in the sphere of culture”.

The partners:
The Consulate General of Norway in St. Petersburg, the Environmental Department of Administration of Petrozavodsk city district, the Media Center “Vyhod”, The Centre of cultural initiatives, the Photo Academy , RIA Novosti (Ecology), the radio station “Europe Plus”, “Youth portal of Karelia”, “Youth newspaper of Karelia” , TV company “Karelia”, newspapers «Karjalan Sanomat» and “Karelia”, Tea and Coffee company “TeaKaffe”,  Orphanage № 2,  Children Arts School, Petrozavodsk State University.


Contact person:


Rybalova Anna +79214517508  anna_rybalova@yahoo.com