The  International MediaCamp for youth.

During “International Journalism” there is discussions concerning the role of youth and media in the modern world, stereotypes and barriers; master-classes, trainings, meetings, excursions, acquaintance with youth organizations of Karelia and Petrozavodsk.
Besides active forms of learning, the participants will be able to realize their creativity during international photo-cross and photo essays, as well as while writing materials for youth websites of Karelia, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Barents.

The best materials publisheds in newspapers of these countries.

Make arrangements:

  • MediaCamp
  • courses
  • photo-cross
  • work-shops

The organizers of the events are International Youth Club «Solveig», the society «Karelia – Norway» involving The General Consulate of Norway in Saint-Petersburg, “Unipress” (the Association of young journalists in Germany), the State Committee on Youth Affairs in the Republic of Karelia, the Ministry of Culture in the Republic of Karelia.

The participants are creative young people from Estonia, Germany, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden.

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