The collecting and sorting of solid domestic waste will be started in a test mode.

“EcoCup” is the only festival in Russia, which familiarizes Russian viewers with aforeign ecological film. The uniqueness of EcoCup is in the synthesis of creative approaches to the concept of “ecology of life”. Environmental protection is a conscious choice, an action that brings results. The film festival doesn’t just state facts, but shows the problems, it provides with an opportunity to speak out, make plans, plan events and, of course, make movies.All the films at the festival will be shown in Russia for the first time. These films have participated in international festivals, they won the prizes and were shown in cinema houses around the world.

Even talking on such a serious subject as the environment we can make interesting. The directors of our ecological films do not just talk about tragedies. Each of them offers a specific solution. Each of them believes that even one person can change the world for the better. The future depends on you!

The film gives you a chance to see the solution. Good ideas spread at the speed of sound. One film show becomes a repeatedly falling drop or … a vital EcoCup.

New ecological films from the USA, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany and Spain will be presented in Russian for the first time at the Film Festival “EcoCup”. The special guests – academics, professionals of Karelian organizations, WWF Russia, well-known ecologists and journalists will comment on the film displays.

The festival will be officially open at the cinema house “Pobeda” on April 20, at the day of the 20th anniversary of National Park “Vodlozersky” and at the International Year of Forests. The film “How I bought the forest” (Sweden) will be shown. This is a story about a man who during his school years was the master of tropical jungles, and twenty years later he decided to find out what had happened to his forest.

The film “Kemerikal” (Canada) will be displayed on the 21st of April. Cleaning products and products for body care are a huge commercial business. But we seldom come to think about the effect they have on our health and on the environment.” Kemerikal” is now a real movement for “cleanness for the next generation,” in which everyone can participate and share his or her results with the whole world. At this day a master-class “cleanness for a new generation” will be held by the “EcoCup” project coordinators from Moscow.
At the International Earth Day- April 22 the film “Garbage Dreams”(USA), which won 24 international awards will be presented. The film is dedicated to huge garbage satellite cities of Cairo. This is an urgent problem for Petrozavodsk as well and we will discuss it with experts in this field.
From 22 to 23 of April the Days of short films will be organized in the Media-center “Vyhod”.
By organizing the International Ecological Film Festival “EcoCup” we will create a “space” of ecology.

The Festival partners are the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Karelia, the Administration of Petrozavodsk, the Media-center “Vyhod”, the cinema house” Pobeda “, “MegaFon”, the store “Chaykoff” , the Regional Association of Karelian Enterprises on waste recycling.
The Karelian regional association of enterprises on solid waste recycling, “Karelia-Norway”, the International Youth Club “Solveig”, the Association of Karelian Greens, The Creative Alliance «Save L».
Festival Informational partners are the radio station “Europe plus”, a weekly newspaper “TVR-Panorama”, Youth portal of Karelia, the Academy of photographs.

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