The club has participated in several drama projects. Among them International youth musical and theatrical festival “Golden Keys” (in 2000, 2003, and 2006, 2008) and International ecological festival “Let’s Defend the Earth’s Beauty” can be named.

During the past 12 years the club have staged several performances in Russian, English, and Norwegian:

“Opplevelse på historisk grunn” (”1703. Peter the Great and Kornelius Kruis”), ”Per Gunt”, ”Kalevala”, ”Troll’s smile”, “Missia MacRell”, which were put into stage in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

The club “Solveig” is a Russian partner in the project of International youth theatrical-historical camp “Travel into History: 200 years of Finnish autonomy” (2008-2009). The major directions of the work of the camp are history, theatre, video, and press. The moderators are well-known Finnish producers, historians, and journalists. The participants are young people from four Finnish cities (Helsinki, Juvaskyla, Turku, Lappeenranta) and from Russia (Petrozavodsk).

During the 24-26 of April 2008 the IV International Musical and Theatrical Festival for children and youth “Golden Keys” will be held in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. The organizers are “School of Child’s Arts” and the society “Karelia-Norway” with the assistance of the Ministry of culture and public relations in the Republic of Karelia and the Administration of Petrozavodsk. The subject of this year is “North Fairytales”, and plays in Norwegian, Finnish, English, and Russian staged by young actors from Murmansk, Olonets, Saint-Petersburg, Segezha, Petrozavodsk, and Finnmark (Norway) are in the program. The premiers of the plays after the Norwegian project of Harald Setervoll, the composer and the author of the musical “Missia MacRell”, will be showed at the festival by club “Solveig” and choir “Vozrozhdeniye”. The Finnish opera by Harry Vessman will be performed by choir “Podsnezhnik”.
For the first time the seminar “The role of arts. Child’s theatrical pedagogic” will be held within the framework of the festival. Composers and directors from Finland, Norway, and Russia will share their experience and discuss new Russian and foreign theatrical technologies, among them Scandinavian.
Now young artists work at the projects of festival symbols and the pictures for International Contests of Drawing “North Fairytale”. The works of winners will be placed at the itinerant exhibition.

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