The second day in Pasvik folkehøgskole


The second day of our trip to Norway is coming to the end. Someone is playing guitar in the living room and other singing. Now I would like to tell you about the 6th December. It was pretty easy to get up early, thanks to time zone difference. It is hard to say that everybody appreciated morning news in Norwegian. Meanwhile, the brief Norwegian language course with Asmund was great. Oh, and it was a surprise for all of us. All students with the warden of school Ketil went outside and sang. Then they yelled out something in Norwegian… and suddenly 3 color (red, blue and white) bunch of lights was switched. It looked like a huge tent above forest and the school.
After lunch we visited eco-center Svanhovd. Presentation of center director appeared to be interesting but too long. Unfortunately, we had not much time in center’s museum. I guess it is not often that you can see a wild animals, and especially a huge brown bears. I was excited by the lookout, I can only imagine how beautiful sight at summer is here. When there are a huge number of birds and even cranes. On the way back to school we had a strong feeling that it was a late evening. Even though, there is not much sun in Petrozavodsk at winter, the polar night is anyway exotic. I really would like to see polar lights.
We are very pleased by Norway Christmas atmosphere. Elvira Rost, Asmund’s wife, told us about Norwegian traditions of celebrating adventum and Christmas. We felt much deeper the holiday atmosphere singing x-mas songs with Asmund in a room illuminated with candles.
As a day before we were relaxing in swimming pool and sauna. It was fantastic! 🙂
Now we have some Russian and Norwegian guests from folkehogskole Pasvik. It is time for me to join them.

Maria Kuleva

Ilya Drozdov

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