Day 1. 5 of Desember. Welcome to Pasvik


Norway and especially Kirkenes meets us with the spirit of Christmas. The best thing of the city is its’ homely atmosphere of X-mas decorated streets. Bright window lights look fantastic in the polar night. Everybody was so pleased that we finally came there. Firstly, we tasted hot soup with deer meat. Some of the girls were really confused by it and they decided rather not to eat the soup out of a pity for the deer. Then it was an infatuated story about the host school by Åsmund Røst. We were really surprised by the passion of his speech about Pasvik and that it is the best folkehogskole in Norway. Also he told us about the education system of Nordic Countries, created by Nikolaj Grundtvig. And finally, we had some time to rest. Swimming pool and sauna were a miracle after a hard day. Then we went to our rooms, where our Russian friends gave a piano concert for us. We also had some tea and an interesting conversation. So, it is time for me to drink a cup of tea and join my group.:)

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