What is «MediaCamp2011?»


What is «MediaCamp2011?»

What can unite and gather in one place pupils, students, journalists, businessmen, photographers, and anyone who works with the youth? The participants of the II International Youth Camp which was held in Petrozavodsk from 7 to 9 November will answer without hesitation: «MediaCamp2011! » The organizers of the event became the International Youth Club “Solveig”, “Karelia-Norway, National Park “Vodlozersky” and the Nordic Council of Ministers’.

What is Media Camp? That is 3 informative and entertaining days dedicated to the main theme – environmental life in the North. That is a huge number of meetings with people from whom we can learn a lot. Media Camp is a variety of master classes on EcoMass Media convergence and on the basics of journalism, which resulted in children’s presentations of their own articles and interviews. This is a live broadcast in the radio “Europe Plus» studio. This is a presentation of various media projects, programs and festivals of the Youth Council of the Barents, the review of Norwegian short films created by young people. It’s a virtual game in which everyone can try the role of the mayor and solve environmental problems. This is a heated debate, “Is there a future for the North? The choice of young people. “The list of the activities is endless!

The participants plunged into the world of media with journalists of the newspaper “Karelia” and «Karjalan Sanomat», TRC “Sampo” and students fromTampere(Finland), learned of the protected areas ofRussiaand the environmental technologies in business. They discussed the problems of ecology, city, life in the North with the representatives of the youth policy in Karelia, heard about the impressions of  Dmitry Mitkovza( he is fromPetrozavodsk)  from the expedition to theArctic, they saw the video. Under the guidance of Paul Petrov, a representative of the NCM, they learned to complete project proposals to international funds in the Nordic countries in «Nordic Climate Day» and a lot more other activities.

The camp program was very full, diverse, and most importantly interesting. For example, the second day «One Day on Earth», the participants visited a children’s home № 2 to share their journalistic experience with the pupils. And if at the beginning we felt some uneasiness and constraint, by the end of the meeting all the pupils were talking with great interest, they took each other’s interviews, and found common interests and hobbies. This meeting resulted in the journalistic newspaper, “One day on Earth.” At the same time another group of campers was engaged in fotocross, the results of which turned into a series of pictures representing the original view ofPetrozavodsk. It was particularly interesting to see how the guests grasped the city. By the way, some participants in the «MediaCamp» came even fromMurmansk,St. Petersburg,Tula, and reserve “Yasnaya Polyana”.

The closing of «MediaCamp2011» was held in the Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia, where the results of the project “Year of the Fridtjof Nansen in Karelia ”  were summed up and announced. «MediaCamp2011» was held in the framework of this project.  The concert of Norwegian music was the completion of the project, but «MediaCamp» does not say goodbye to the participants. The experience that they have acquired during these 3 days, the sea of ​​emotions and impressions, meeting new people, fresh ideas for projects, articles and photo reports – everything stays with them. And, of course, all of us are looking forward to «MediaCamp2012!»

Julia Vasilyeva (author)

Anastasia Moskvina (translator)


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