From the 7th to 9th of November 2011 the II International Youth Camp «MediaCamp2011» will be held in Petrozavodsk in the framework of the project “The Year of Fridtjof Nansen in Karelia.” The organizers are the International Youth Club “Solveig”, the Karelian Social Movement of Friendship “Karelia-Norway”, National Park “Vodlozersky”.

Creative young people and experts from Karelia, Russia and other countries
within 3 days will become familiar with innovative Russian and foreign media projects, work features of news agencies (RIA News, ITAR-TASS) and environmental Media.

The representatives of the Barents region will share their experience in organizing projects “EcoCup», «0,1 Megapixel» (Murmansk), The Barents Stories, Barents Passion Week, ExpLODE, as well as the Barents Youth Film Academy (BYFA) which unite Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. There will be films screening of Norwegian Youth Festival «NUFF» (Tromsø, Norway). Finally, the debates about the role of youth in the North and the individual in history, the problem of choice, of stereotypes and barriers will be held.

In addition to theoretical and practical forms of training, camp participants of “MediaCamp2011 “will be able to foot in the Orphanage as journalists, go through an express-course at the Photo Academy, participate in the Photo cross and the Barents virtual game “I am the mayor of the ecologically clean city” and to create a  collaborative youth media products.

The First International Youth Camp “MediaCamp” took place in 2009 and became a winner of the Republican contest of cultural projects in the category “Development and implementation of information products and technologies in the sphere of culture.”

The project partners are the General Consulate of the Kingdom of Norway in Saint-Petersburg, Media-center “Vyhod” of the Cultural Initiatives Center, The Center for Promotion of Youth Employment , The Photo Academy, the radio station “Europe+”,  Youth portal of Karelia, ” Youth newspaper of Karelia “.



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