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Hyperborea 2009


State Committee on Youth of the Republic of Karelia is planning to hold the unique international educational youth forum “Hyperborea : the battle of ideas”, in August 2009, in the Republic of Karelia

The objective of the Forum is to create the unique innovative working area for the active youth. This area presents the territory, where everyone may realize their personal growth, demonstrate their potentials to create youth ideas and projects. Thus ,such an atmosphere shall promote every participant to show their talents, increase the level of their human potential, find the people, holding the same views, and get the public and state support.
Hyperborea means “beyond the North”. Boreas is the northern wind. Hyperborea is the blessed northern land ,where the happy people reside. The residents of this land are believed to be very talented, to have the unique knowledge and the ancient wisdom, giving them an opportunity to live in peace with others. Ancient Greeks believed the land Hyperborea to be situated beyond the 60th parallel at the territory of Karelia.
The target group is aged from 16 to 28, who live either at the territory of the North-West Federal District of Russia or the Baltic countries, including theScandinavian Countries. All the candidates to participate into the Project will be selected on the basis of competitive measures.

The partners of the Forum will be the statesmen, representatives of the federal ,regional and foreign executives branches of power, the representatives of the public associations, who are concerned with the development of the Baltic region; also the federal and international experts and russian and foreign grant-givers.
The most active and creative representatives of the above mentioned regions are supposed to take part in the Forum. These young people are also supposed to play considerable role in social or political life in the nearest future or they may already be significant political and social figures

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